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PM5 Monitor

Our most advanced Performance Monitor. Features wireless heart rate monitoring, the ability to store workouts to a USB flash drive (not included), and is backlit for improved visibility in low light environments. 

More details

CHF 210,00 tax incl.

  • Retrofit Kit Model D
  • Monitor Only Model D / E / Dynamic
  • Retrofit Kit Model C
  • Retrofit Kit Model B

More info

Important! Be sure to select the correct machine type, and for indoor rowers, the correct model type when purchasing this part.

If you are not sure which model indoor rower you have, visit for help.

Purchase Includes

  • PM5 monitor
  • Two D cell batteries
  • Mounting hardware (Does not apply to PN 1818, PN 1819 or PN 2797. Additional mounting hardware is not needed when retrofitting a PM5 to a Model E, a Dynamic Indoor Rower, a SkiErg 1 or SkiErg 2. Additional mounting hardware is optional when retrofitting a PM5 to a Model D. This is reflected in the costs of PN 1818, PN 1819 and PN 2797.)
  • Extension cable (applies to PN 2797 only)
  • Smartphone Cradle (applies to PN 1834, PN 1833, PN 1832, PN 1831 and PN 2797 only; does not apply to PN 1818 or PN 1819)

Retrofitting a PM5 to a Model D

When retrofitting a PM5 to a Model D you have two options: to purchase just the monitor (PN 1818) or to purchase the monitor with new mounting hardware (PN 1834).

While the PM5 will fit on the existing monitor arm, the new monitor arm (included with PN 1834) allows for improved monitor cord routing for a tidier overall finished look. The retrofit you choose is up to your personal preference.