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  • CHF 1.440,00

    The Concept2 BikeErg is the latest addition to our family of sport-based ergometers. The BikeErg has the same flywheel and Performance Monitor as Concept2 Indoor Rowers and SkiErgs, bringing to cycling the strengths and features we've previously brought to rowing and cross-country skiing. Smartphone Cradle included.

    CHF 1.440,00
  • CHF 75,00

    Replacement Garmin Comfort chest belt.

    CHF 75,00
  • CHF 59,00

    The BikeErg Floor Mat is made out of 3/16 inch (4.5 mm) thick black synthetic rubber (PVC) and measures 5 feet by 2.6 feet (152 cm by 80 cm). The mat can be used on any surface and helps protect the floor as well as eliminate slippage.

    CHF 59,00
  • CHF 7,00

    Made by Zéfal, toe clips can increase your pedal stroke efficiency for a smooth, consistent ride. Fits most shoe sizes. Installs easily with a flat head screwdriver (not included). Hardware and installation instructions included. Made of technopolymer. BikeErg sold separately. For use with BikeErgs manufactured after October 29, 2018. Please contact...

    CHF 7,00
  • CHF 1,50

    The new cradle for PM3, PM4 and PM5 monitors.

    CHF 1,50
Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items